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Naughty Secretary at her office.

My name is Von_Peaches, a secretary role-play porn cam model, and I was a real secretary at a retail firm. 

My position is CEO’s Secretary.

Lately, I’ve been having some issues with my car and have been coming to work late. 

My boss, Mr. Ejaculante, is not happy with me and is getting tired of all my excuses. 

Well, today, my car broke down again, and I had to get a ride to work. 

I was about an hour late.

But I managed to dress nice, so maybe he wouldn’t mention it. I wore a white blouse, a purple pleated skirt, a white bra, white lacy panties, and tan hold-up stockings and heels. I’m a tall young woman.

Once I finally got to my job, I hurried to my seat. There was a pile of work on my desk, and I just started to get busy and hoped for the best.

Von_Peaches, come into my office at once!

Yes, Mr. Ejaculante.

Mr. Ejaculante asked me to come into his office, and I guessed that he knew I was late. I was a little nervous going in.

Von_Peaches, you do realize this is the sixth time this month. Were you an hour late?

I’m having problems with my car, Sir. I have been working through my lunch and staying late whenever I can.

Don’t you understand I’m trying to run a business here? I need an assistant who will be here when I need her. Do you know how many other women would love this job?

Yes, I do understand, and I’m so sorry. I promise to be on time.

I’m so tired of your excuses. I think what you need is a good spanking. Please take off all your clothes and lay across my lap.

If you want your job, you’ll take off all your clothes and lay across my lap.

I stood there, not knowing what to do—trying to think if this would be smart for my career or a total landslide.

But then I needed the money to fix my car, and I did love my job.

That’s how I decided to do as he asked.

Well, hurry up, girl. Take everything off but your panties, bra, stockings, and heels.

My boss is a handsome man.

He’s about fifty years old with an athletic body.  He has blue eyes and a lovely smile, and a very sexy voice.

I looked him straight in the eyes and undressed; then I approached Mr. Ejaculante.

Take off your panties and hand them to me!

I pulled my white panties down my legs and stepped out of them. I handed them to Mr.Ejaculante. Mr. Ejaculante then brought my panties to his nose and gave them a smell.

Lucky for you, Von_Peaches, they smell ripe. You have a lovely pussy scent, my darling.

Lay on my lap for your spanking!

I got on his lap with my ass in the air.

“I’m going to spank you six times. These are the six times you were late. After that, I’ll spank you four more times.”

“Stand up, Von_Peaches. I now want you to take off your bra. I want you to play with your breasts and your pussy. Do it!”

I stood up and faced him. I took off my bra and played with my breasts. I’m kind of on the large side, and he was smiling when I took them out.

You have a nice rack. I want you to cup your breasts and pull on your nipples.

Please lift your breasts and lick them. Be a good secretary.

And That’s what I did: I lifted my breasts and licked at them. I saw that Mr. Ejaculante had stood up and unbuckled his pants.

Then I saw, his cock was erect and very hard. He seemed to be around seven inches long.

I want you to finger your pussy now. Slide your fingers inside of your cunt.

On his order, I licked my finger and put it into my pussy – while Mr. Ejaculante stroked his cock.

After that, I want you to lay on my desk, and I will eat that beautiful pussy of yours.

Do it fast, naughty secretary Von_Peaches! Finger fuck yourself harder.

Make that pussy cream for me.”

I pushed three fingers inside myself and fucked myself harder. It was so embarrassing, but my body was reacting, and it felt so good. I rubbed my clit and moved my fingers in and out of my bald pussy.

I’m going to come now. Oh, God. I’m coming.

Great job. Now come up to my desk and spread your legs. I’m going to lick your pussy clean. Could you do it?

I walked to his desk and sat on his desk.

Then I spread my thighs and laid back. Mr. Ejaculante got into position and licked my pussy like ice cream.

He was licking my cunt up and down. It felt so good. Then he pushed his tongue through my pussy lips and fucked me with his tongue.

My legs were shaking as he was eating my pussy.

I was now very horny and was grinding my pussy onto his face. He was fucking me with his tongue so deep.

That feels so good. I never thought of my job as a secretary will make me so naughty.

My pussy was so wet, and he spent a lot of time on my clit and then kept pushing his tongue deeper and deeper into my pussy. At times, he would nibble and lightly bite my pussy.

“You have such a tasty cunt. I’m enjoying licking your pussy. Come for me, Von_Peaches.”

He was licking, and I was bucking my pussy into his face. It felt so good, and I couldn’t hold back anymore.

I’m coming. I’m fucking coming.

Mr. Ejaculante was drinking my pussy juices. He was lapping them up like a cat.

Get off the desk and get on your hands and knees.

I got off the desk and got on my hands and knees on his floor. Mr. Ejaculante grabbed my hips and slid his cock into my pussy.

He pushed his cock into my creamy pussy and fucked me like a complete slut. He was holding my hair and fucking me deep and hard.

I could feel his balls slapping into my ass.

Von_Peaches, you’re cunt feels so good on my cock. Every time you’re late, I’ll be fucking you. Any little slip-up that you do, you’ll have to please me sexually. You’re going to be my little fuck

Mr. Wilson would take his cock out of my pussy and then jam it back in. His cock was very hard, and it felt so good in my pussy.

It was very humiliating to be talked to like a slut and having my boss fuck me. But, my body was responding to all his actions. I could feel my pussy was getting wetter and wetter as he fucked me.

Him – Your cunt is so juicy. You love this, naughty secretary Von_Peaches, aren’t you?  Do you like that your boss is treating you like a slut? Answer me!

Me -I love that you’re treating me like a whore. Your cock feels so good in my pussy. I’m your naughty Secretary, who loves your cock.

Him -That’s right, and you are a naughty secretary.  I’m going to be fucking you a lot. And there will be lots of humiliation if you are late. You’ll do whatever I say, or I will fire you. Do you understand?”

With that, I let out a huge scream. “Oh God, your cock feels so good. I’m coming.”

Mr. Ejaculante pulled his cock out of my pussy, once I came.

Get on your knees and open your mouth. I’m going to jerk my cock and come down your throat. My pretty and beautiful slut.

Mr. Ejaculante stroked his cock from his base to his head. He was jerking his cock fast and blew his load right down my throat. I let his come pool on my tongue, and then I stuck my tongue out to show him his come.

Swallow it all down. Don’t miss a drop.

I swallowed his hot cream down my throat. It was very thick and very salty. I couldn’t believe how much come came out of his cock. I gagged a little when I swallowed it all down.

Get up and kiss me.

I got up and went over to Mr. Ejaculante. I gave him a deep and passionate kiss. Our tongues danced in each other’s mouths. While we were kissing, he was playing with my breasts.

Naughty secretary Von_Peaches, you can now get dressed.

Now, I will be giving you a raise so you can fix that car. If you are late anymore, there will be more punishment and more humiliation.”

Yes, I understand. I will not be late anymore, and I got dressed and went back to my desk. And I did get my car fixed. I was on time and had no other issues.

Although, Mr. Ejaculante continued to have sex with me.

After about a month of no screw-ups, he told me that he would pay me more if  I let him keep fucking me.

I did enjoy having sex with him. I agreed to his terms. He bought me new clothes, and we started an affair.

Every day, I was assumed to give him a blow job when I got to work. Whenever he had meetings, he told me to get under his desk and blow him.

He treated me like a complete slut. The only difference is, he pays me a lot of money.